Planetfall theme for Tiki CMS


(This is old content and will be updated with Tiki 1.10-specific information soon.
See also: Planetfall_customizing about how to personalize this theme.

Download 1.9 version from themes.tw.o!. 1.10 version coming soon!
This is a Tiki adaptation of the Planetfall (cache) theme originally done by rhuk for the Mambo CMS (now Joomla). This theme won mamboportal.com's competition (cache) held for that CMS; as a contest entrant, the theme was released under a GPL license, which makes it available for porting.

The main difficulty with adapting the theme to Tiki has been to convert it from a fixed-width page design to the fluid-width design needed to display Tiki's variable-width content.

Variations from the original theme

  • I used the left-column background image for the drop-down menus, and used the page background image for the left column.
  • I don't look to see how Mambo handles the header image and header module. In this version, the module is in a floating div within the div that holds the header image.
  • One of the main problems in porting a theme to Tiki is that this CMS tends to have a lot more features than the originating CMS, so choices have to be made about covering things that weren't in the original. That is, the sites that I saw using Mambo/Planetfall generally used non-Mambo components for blogs, galleries, forums, etc., so there is both a problem and opportunities in spreading the theme around to Tiki's additional features. wink For its part, Tiki tends to be over-specified with CSS identifiers, so a general descriptor in the original theme can be applied to a whole bunch of Tiki items en masse.

Pleasant surprises
  • Replacement of menu folder icons via CSS (doesn't work with Microsoft Internet Explorer). Original folder image deleted via a display: none, and the Planetfall black/white square background image, changed with CSS hover states, shows up twice in the mnu_application_menu, once for the flip and once for the section menu item - unplanned serendipity. Here's a normal menu:

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Sample wiki page elements

A titlebar

h1 headline

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Code plugin:

  // Hello World in PHP
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Quote plugin:

I have enough money to last me the rest of my life, unless I buy something.

--Jackie Mason (1934 - )

Personalizing Planetfall

Planetfall_customizing describes the layout of the logo graphics area.