Tiki Wiki CMS Groupware gets Bootstrapped!

Tiki now has Bootstrap CSS framework compatibility to improve the user experience with responsive web design and facilitate site design and customization via support for this popular framework. Zukakakina.com is running a development version of Tiki, with Bootstrap enabled, so please forgive any visual or functional glitches. Click the link to see a sample Tiki wiki page.

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Dev site info

Development-related pages can be found at themes.tiki.org, where we are collaborating on the project to add Bootstrap compatibiity as a front-end enhancement to complement Tiki''s extensive back-end functionality.

Themes.tiki.org »

Demoed here

A number of Bootswatch free themes (http://bootswatch.com/) have been added to the themes in Tiki.

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Other themes

Many of the themes bundled with the Tiki archive arel being updated, or "Bootstrappified". There will also be new themes included in the Tiki download. Please stay tuned.