User friendliness and program flexibility trumps code efficiency

Gary Thursday January 8, 2015

I had a good idea about adding a Bootstrap class to suckerfish menuSection items (a menu item that has a submenu dropdown - "section" here refers to a (sub)group of menu items) that would automatically make a nice dropdown box and make Bootstrap and suckerfish menus more similar in appearance. After I committed the change, people started reporting they were seeing empty menu dropdowns now. I said the dropdown is only being produced under menuSection items, which are intended to have children. But Tiki has never objected if you make a menuSection item and don't put child items under it, and previously there was no downside or artifact if you did "break the rule". But this "enhancement" that I added assumed the rule was followed, that every menuSection item has children.

But to keep things flexible and people happy, I reverted the change. This is kind of like the theme options discussion - sometimes human preferences outweigh sheer efficiency.