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The start of a new year

Gary Tuesday January 13, 2015

A new year, a new feeling

I have a good feeling about this year. My time is freed up and I can really focus on what I want to do. As I was walking with Koa (our dog) around the pond near our house, enjoying the feeling of the day, and the sites and sounds, I said to her, "Hey, all my days are going to be like this!" My calendar is clear - or at least it's clear of obligations to get out of the house and go someplace to work for someone else. My new calendar, and it does have weight, is in my email, in OneNote, in my Rollbahn 2015 notebook. But this calendar records things I enjoy doing. In this calendar I put the projects I'm involved in with people and the work I contribute to the Tiki project.

I've decided this year to continue to get up fairly early (as I did on "crack of dawn" days while teaching) and get into things right away each day. I feel better when I don't sleep in, really, even though getting out of bed isn't so easy especially on dark, cold winter mornings. Now, if we can just get financial ends to meet, it'll be a very nice year.

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