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Refixing an old fix, and fixing a parallel case.

Gary Wednesday January 14, 2015

A few bugs squashed today. luci reported that the Cosmo theme had some text at the top of the page that didn't belong there. I had forgotten but, back when we first put the Bootswatch themes in Tiki, they were placed as theme options, under a parent theme "Bootswatch_themes". I think this was just a convenience in the theme selector. I liked them all in one group like that. But "Bootswatch_themes.css" doesn't have any real content, so if someone selected just that theme without a theme option, they'd get basically a CSS-free page. So I put a text warning in the stylesheet as CSS content to tell users to choose a theme option from the selector as well. The theme options, in turn, overrode that rule to erase the text. But in the Cosmo theme I forgot to add the import statement to get the rule, so the strange text printed at page top (SVN r53491).

Also there was a problem of images running under the right-hand column from the center column, in trackers. I thought this had been fixed, but what I was remembering was SVG files. The wiki plugin PluginImg didn't have the fix, so I added there also. Now an image displayed with this plugin matches the size of its container, and when it's small, the image resizes accordingly - no more column underlap.

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