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Getting a new start

admin Tuesday November 15, 2016

After having some trouble with resetting passwords amid different file and database versions, I decided to do a clean sweep of this site, create a new database, and check out a fresh Tiki installation. My previous database was years old and had grown to 291MB. It contained a lot of kruft - long-gone users, way out of date content, log records that aren't relevant any more, etc. So I started with a clean database and have been adding back some of the old one's content, going through the old .sql file to retrieve blogs and blog posts, forums, and so on. I'll get some of the wiki pages but, again, many are way too old to be interesting any more.

This process did lead me to downloading gvim. Nothing I had on my computer could open a 291MB file, so this application was good to find and try out.

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